3 thoughts on “Algorithm-curated digital worlds

  1. The post is very well constructed, with an opening paragraph, headings and conclusion. Also, the mix of ‘official’ literature and personal observation is what this exercise is about, I think.
    The points raised mirror my own thoughts on algorithm-generated, convience based results, be it Google, Amazon or Netflix. They assume that humans do not change or want to broaden their horizon. These companies by catering to convience are narrowing their ‘customer’s’ viewpoint.
    However, is it the LISter’s job to inform people how their online data is used? Can the LIS expert know? Does anyone? I am just wondering…
    A sort of ‘randomizer’ in the recommendations would be interesting: just one or two recommendations totally unrelated to the profile.
    Anyway, good job!

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  2. I really liked your discussion of how platforms use data they collect to tailor the user experience, particularly when you consider that this leads to a social bubble – you only see information/posts/shows that are related to the ones you’ve previously consumed. But, like you pointed out, there are definitely limits to how far an algorithm can go, and LIS professionals can help people to both look beyond these limits and also understand how the limits are being set in the first place. Information curation is necessary in a digital world where the amount of data is increasing by the day, but we must be aware that the curation is happening in order to not become the curated.

    Your point on how information can be restricted to an unintended audience was also interesting to consider, as an example of how algorithms can be unintentionally harmful because of their reliance on how their creators program them to understand human behaviour. In this case, could ongoing tailoring of the algorithm itself be a potential solution, introducing varied understanding of human behaviour rather than simply allowing the algorithm to run itself?

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  3. A lot of fascinating ideas here. With curated information it’s definitely very easy to get comfortable with what digital platforms present to us and yes it can mean we miss out on certain things. The idea that it can in some ways shape us is daunting! Your section on “the role of LIS” offers further insight into how LIS professionals play a part in these areas.

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